3 Outstanding Auto Dealerships in Las Vegas October 4, 2018

It’s time to purchase a car and your bank account isn’t showing too many figures.  Not to worry, Vegas Valley Motors will come to your rescue like no other auto dealership in Las Vegas will do.  If you can believe this, Vegas Valley Motors actually offers down payment and financing solutions regardless of your credit score.  They have been in business since 2003 and spent countless hours building strong business relationships throughout the southwest United States with banks and local credit unions so that they can really cater to their clientele that may have financial issues.  They even take credit cards if that is one of your only options.

It’s extremely refreshing to see the complete sales staff and owner, Grayson, taking the time to assist their customers in the purchase of a new or used car.  They are all very professional and are trained not to be pushy or pressure any car buying consumer into the purchase of a car.  With that being said, you can see why over thirty percent of their business is either a referral from a past customer or a previous customer needing a new vehicle.  Those statistics are truly amazing and Vegas Valley Motors takes great pride in them.

Located on Spring Mountain road just a couple blocks west of Interstate 15, Vegas Valley Motors are in the heart of Las Vegas.  They actually reside in one of more famous areas, Las Vegas’ Chinatown.  Being that it is so centrally located and just off the major freeway corridor, Las Vegas residents find it easy to access this great car dealership.

What is an even more impressive factor about Vegas Valley Motors is that they actually spend many hours choosing their inventory for their customers to purchase.  They go through the cars from top to bottom to make sure they are in the best shape possible and ready for resale.  Most of the cars have less than 75,000 miles when they are put up for sale on their car lot.  That is a pretty remarkable figure for a used car sales company.

Let’s talk about price.  Vegas Valley Motors know their customer and know that price is a very important piece of the car buying puzzle.  They strive to get the best car at the lowest price for all of their consumers.  A large portion of their car buying customers are actually first time car buyers.  The average car drives off of the dealership with just $499 down and a monthly payment of less than $399.  If you need something even more affordable, they can get your payment down as low as $249 per month.  In this day and age, that is almost impossible but Vegas Valley Motors is making that happen.

The team at Vegas Valley Motors really goes the extra mile to best serve their car buying customers and encourages both phone calls and text messages with all your auto purchasing questions.  Grayson the owner even shares his personal phone number with the customers as well.  For a great personal experience in the purchase of your next car, look no further than Vegas Valley Motors.las-vegas-car-insurance-pros

Now for the newest used auto dealership in the Las Vegas valley, welcome to Johnny Legends Las Vegas.  Located on Decatur just south of Patrick, Johnny Legends can accommodate the entire southwest part of the valley.  With communities like Mountains Edge and Rhodes Ranch, the auto dealership has plenty of used car buyers just nearby.

Johnny Legends Las Vegas is proud to have the largest and most diverse inventory of used vehicles in Las Vegas.  Their inventory includes the following brands of cars:

  • Chevrolet
  • Ford
  • Toyota
  • Honda
  • Dodge
  • Nissan
  • Mercedes
  • Lexus
  • BMW

It easy to see whether you are looking for a good ole USA built car or even a more sporty european style of vehicle, Johnny Legends Las Vegas has you covered.  Every vehicle is carefully inspected and put through a comprehensive multi-point inspection along with a full CarFax vehicle history report.  All vehicles are delivered to their customers with their extensive interior and exterior auto detailing service so that you can be ready to hit the road in style.

Johnny Legends Las Vegas has really taken the time to choose their leadership team carefully and hand picked some of the best car salesman in the valley.  Their management team has over 50 years of combined experience in the auto dealership industry so you know that you will be getting all the correct information in regards to the purchase of your vehicle.  Customer service is number one on their list when it comes to selling you a car and they prove that day after day.

They also have a very interactive website that is always being updated so that you can even start your vehicle search before you even visit the dealership.  They also have a team that will locate your specific dream car if you don’t see it in their current inventory.  Johnny Legends Las Vegas even encourages their clients to tell them all about their dream vehicle so that they can assist them in the search.

Whether you are financing or paying cash, Johnny Legends has all the relationships with local banks, DMV line passes and even a local car insurance company that provides the lowest rates.  This truly is your one stop shop for all of your auto buying needs.auto-insurance-las-vegas

Established in 1999, Las Vegas Motorcars is a family owned and operated car dealership.  Its unique approach to the car buying process is what sets them apart from the rest of the Las Vegas valley auto dealership.  They do most of their sales through their internet based platform.  This process allows them to keep their inventory minimal and their overall business costs’ low.  That’s where they are able to pass those savings on to their consumers during the car buying process.  It also allows their customers to have the best car buying experience possible and most of their customers return back for their second and third cars.

Las Vegas Motorcars is conveniently located in the heart of Las Vegas on Arville just south of Tropicana.  Yes, that is just around the corner of the new Las Vegas Raiders football stadium.  Access to their location is easy especially with the new overpass of Hacienda over the interstate 15.  Car buyers from the east side of the valley are able to visit the west location with plenty of ease.

Whether it is a car, truck or SUV you are looking for, Las Vegas Motorcars will make it simple for you to find the exact car of your choice.  They really go the extra mile to find the best possible vehicle at the most affordable price and you can count on the friendly staff that puts customer service first.  You can visit them online at lvmotorcars.com and start your car search now.

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