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Artificial Turf uses in Las Vegas December 13, 2018

This article is to provide some interesting facts about the many uses of artificial turf here in the beautiful Las Vegas valley. We all know that Las Vegas is actually smack dab in the middle of the Mojave Desert and it’s very hard to find greenery that can handle the hot summer temperatures here. In mid July to the end of August, temperatures can reach in excess of 110 degrees. Let’s just say it is smoldering hot and even I can hardly stand to go outside or even run errands in the car with air conditioning. This is where artificial turf becomes very handy for your outdoor landscaping. Not only does artificial turf become a beautiful year round green addition to your outdoor space but it is also an environmental friendly item that is well received here in the valley.artificial grass las vegas

The Southern Nevada Water Authority has launched several campaigns within the past decade that have to do with limiting the use of water for all of southern Nevada. Most of the campaigns talk about which day is your specific day to water and also some comical ads about those that over water. They really are funny but it really makes the point clear of how much easier it would be to just install artificial turf instead of wasting precious resources.artificial turf las vegas

I was driving through MacDonald Highlands the other day to go see some new condominiums that have just been built by Christopher Homes. When I arrived at the models I was really amazed to see the implementation of artificial turf throughout the entire development. They really did a beautiful job with their landscaping and used several different types of artificial turf that made everything look very real. They even had a little mini golf putting area that was made out of artificial turf. My husband was totally amused with the putting green and it was difficult to get him to look at the beautiful models. As we left the models and drove through the larger custom homes in the development we noticed that about 50% or more of the huge mansions had installed the faux grass in their landscaping. It was absolutely gorgeous and difficult to tell that they didn’t have real grass.

There are some very interesting facts about artificial turf and how it is manufactured. The really positive thing is that not only is it great for saving water, but most of the product is made from recycled items. How much better can you get. The backing of the turf can be made from several different products. They range from jute to recycled plastic and even polyester. The higher quality artificial turf actually uses polyester tire cord for its backing which will last a bit longer outside in our desert sun. The actual blades of grass are made from nylon or polypropylene and they can be manufactured in many different ways to create different looks and textures.

Let’s just say that it really does make a ton of sense to implement artificial turf into any and all landscapes here in Las Vegas. It’s really a win win situation as we strive to protect our environment and all our natural resources.  And by the way, I recently got a referral from a neighbor who said this company was fantastic to work with and provided several different options in both design and budget.  The companies name is Las Vegas Artificial Turf Pros and they actually serve the entire southern Nevada area.

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