About House of Ottowa

Welcome to the House of Ottawa. This site is much more than meets the eye. It has several groups and organizations all mixed into one website so that we can all communicate better on a global scale. Many of these groups are hidden from view and you will need to inquire about them in public forums. So sign up today and see what is going on in the darkest of realms in your corner of the world. If you have a sharp mind, an inquisitive mind and a soul as black as pitch then you have come to the right place.

The House of Ottawa is a collective of persons predominantly of the Gothic persuasion who actively live the Goth lifestyle. Some of our members are also part of other alternative lifestyle communities such as the BDSM community the Dark Metal Music community, and the transgender/trans-sexual. The House of Ottawa Council works tirelessly to represent and support our community, for ultimate success.

The Gothic Community’s primary asset is its belief in tolerance, and acceptance, and the freedom of individual expression. We encourage people to think for themselves and to be content to be the people they desire to be, rather than to blindly endorse any lifestyle, or religious or moral system. The House of Ottawa is there to support our community in this ideal. The Ottawa Goth community is filled with such a wide range of individuals who differentiate in character, morals, beliefs, personalities and attitudes. This freedom of individual expression and the inherent diversity that goes with it is represented in the fact that the House of Ottawa represents a wide range of belief structures and philosophies. Some of these include: Agnosticism, Atheism, Humanism, Individualism, Occult Practices, Paganism (Norse, Celtic, etc), Satanism, Secularism, Therianthropy, Vampyrism, etc.

We as an organization do not let this diversity build a dividing line within the community we represent. We embrace our differences and apply all our individual strengths to accomplishing our goals in order to build a level of financial stability, as well as provide opportunities for our community to be proud of the lifestyle we choose to live. We enthusiastically seek to support, encourage, unify, and ultimately strengthen the Goth and alternative lifestyles communities of the Ottawa and its surrounding outlying areas. This can be accomplished by providing opportunities for people in our Goth community to express and participate their lifestyle in the Ottawa area through various events, as well as by financially supporting business ventures as well as developing business ventures that cater to our community. This ultimately will demonstrate that the Goth community has a prominent place here in Ottawa and that it is thriving, and can only hope to thrive even more.

The House of Ottawa is not just about today’s Gothic and alternative community; we also work for the future. As such, we are also involved with youth by supporting and working with an organized group of Goth teenagers known as the Ottawa Gothic Youth ( OGY), to promote self-expression and self-discovery, as well as mentor them, teach leadership skills, and give them a nurturing and open environment for activities and interaction. Here the Youth have the opportunity to learn what it means to be Goth and Gothic from those who live the lifestyle rather than basing it on the negative images presented in popular culture media.

The OGY provides opportunities for our youth to participate in volunteerism, serving the community in positive ways such as charitable fundraising, learning how to organize and plan events, and building skills, among other ventures. The House of Ottawa supports the OGY by ensuring they have a safe, non-judgmental, and drug-free environment as well as being protected from sexual predation and financial exploitation.

The House of Ottawa Slogan: Strength, through the community.

House of Ottawa Mission Statement: To provide the Ottawa alternative lifestyle communities with educational support, the creation of better public awareness of said lifestyles through positive public relations. Also, to provide the community we support, with legal representation, employment and business opportunities, and long-term financial prosperity.

*** NOTE: Please take into account that when you go to register, you will need your real email address because you have to verify your account. Once you have verified, then you can post, join the top site list, etc. Sometimes the verification email will go to your junk email, so check there for it as well to ensure you are able to access this site to the fullest capacity possible. ***

– Renietzovich Corvus, House of Ottawa Council Member.